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Getting your content written by beginners is BAD. You know what’s worse? Getting AI to do it. Many people can actually detect if content is written using AI. Plus, using crappy AI-generated content on your website may result in your website being penalized by Google, leading to a loss of website traffic and sales.

While most writers are giving in to the matrix, I remain part of the ever-shrinking minority of purists who are fighting to keep things original. Having worked with over 100+ international businesses and holding the Top Rated badge on Upwork, I focus on creating purely human-written content backed by actual research and valid data. Using authentic content like this will get your website noticed in the SERP and establish a strong brand identity that people can trust.

How Do You Spot Fake, AI-Content ?

Here are few things you should be aware of: 

  • Content starting with cliché intros like ‘In the realm of…’ or ‘In this ever-changing…’
  • Content full of fluff, lacking stats, graphs, or any real substance
  • Overdramatizing content with overused words like ‘streamline’, ‘elevate’, ‘robust’, …. the list goes on and on…. 
  • Not directly addressing the readers’ questions, instead opting for lengthy, bland paragraphs that provide ZERO value to the audience whatsoever

So, if you want to break free from this AI-imposed mediocrity and prefer genuine content written by humans and for humans, you can reach out to me anytime.

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SEO + Writing - Get the Best of Both Worlds

Traditional writers may be good with words, they may write outstanding content, but many lack the proper on-page, off-page and technical SEO knowledge. And this significantly reduces the reach of their blogs, no matter how well they’re written. 

But since I’m both an SEO expert and content writer, I get to strike the perfect balance between search engine optimization and content quality. I make sure that your content is fun to read while also reaching a huge audience. 

It’s my mastery in both SEO and writing, and the unique ability to blend them effectively, that has helped me find success in content writing.

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Starts from $150 Per 1k Word

 I will write a 1000-word blog content, conduct thorough competitor research, and provide three visuals, including the featured image, designed by expert designers. 

Each content is written manually, and you will receive a non-AI report by Premium Originality AI check. 

Additionally, I check all my content with Copyscape Premium to ensure it is free of plagiarism. 

Finally, all my content will be optimized with either Frase or Surfer


Starts from $200 Monthly

Make your website visible to your audience by ranking higher on the SERP. I use Ahrefs and Semrush to carefully pick crucial data, making your SEO campaigns more effective.

Here is what I will do:

Step 1 – Perform keyword research and competitor analysis. Create a topical map and content calendar.

Step 2 – Write high-quality SEO content and publish it according to the topical map, along with thorough on-page SEO optimization.

Step 3 – Set up tracking analytics and monitor the performance of your website’s SEO efforts, making necessary adjustments to improve results and drive more organic traffic to your site.

The Complete Branding Package

Starts from $1000

From your company logo and website development to SEO, content creation, and social media marketing. I provide everything you need for your brand to stand out and make a lasting impression in the crowded online environment.

What My Clients Say

The quality of the content delivered exceeded my expectations, and his intricate understanding of the strategic SEO approach has surprised me.
Founder - BeUniqueness
Tamzid is incredibly skilled and is really nice to work with! Such a friendly guy who deliver a quality product every time 10/10!
IT Specialist

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